Selasa, 6 Disember 2011


Muhamad Hidayat Bin Zabidi (152395)


Do you have the leadership skills?And what the definition from your view?

From me,the leadership skills means that you have the ability in organising,managing,planning and solving.Actually,every people are the leader.This is because the definition of leader are not just pointing to the person that have become a leader in a group or team,but also can be pointing to a person,that lead himself to the better condition.

So,leader will have their own people.This means that leader need to be friendly with many people,and can help if needed.Leadership skills should be developed at everyone,because in aspects of students,the knowledge of their field are not only the chance of him/het to success,but "soft skills" need to be developed to improve themself to be more quality.

Thats why many universities have introduced the concept of "soft skills" among their students.This skills are formed by the activities outside from the class.The skills are generating by doing some exercise in communication,planning,decision making and others.Furthermore,the more of the fresh graduates university's students are occured.So,the extra value that needed by the employer are the "soft skills".With this skills,students not only success in their field,but also can be success in their life,and contribute to the country generally.

That's all from me.Thank you.

Jumaat, 21 Oktober 2011

future invention!

hai hai hai,,,berjumpe lagi!
Kali nih aku nak share dengan korang something yang aku buat bile ak rase mengantuk dalam kelas.Ape yang aku buat agak agak??haaa....mai mai tengok dekat bawah..

Aku ingat nak hantar design nih dekat Ferrari,kot diorang nak terima wat satu model baru.

Ini pulak aku ingat nak suggest dekat Yamaha,buat satu model baru macam nih.Nilai market tinggi woo...

Apsal??X cantik??Cantik????????????????????senyap jer la yer..hahaha...